Common Design Terms

The sub facia is the backing piece for the facia. The sub facia will normally be #2 lumber
and the facia being more of a trim type material.  


Switch is an electrical device used to turn electrical devices on and off. Switches can limit
the amount of current such as a dimmer switch or just be an on and off device.

Symbols are graphic drawings that relate to particular items in either a house or outside
site work. These can be used to show bathroom fixtures, electrical fixtures, or appliances.

A tee is a pipe fitting in the shape of a “T”.

Ton is an air conditioning term used to specify the size of an A/C unit. A ton of air is equal
to 12000 BTU’s of air.

Top Plate
The top plate is the horizontal member on top of a wall section. There are normally two top
plates that make up a wall section.

House Blueprint topographical plan
is also called a “topo”. This plan will show all the
different elevations across a construction site. Depending on the site, it may show existing
as well as future elevations.


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