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Common Terms

Jamb is the frame work around the door. The door is connected to the jamb with hinges. Other parts of the jamb of a door are the door stop and threshold.

Threshold is the device that fills in the gap between the bottom of the door and the finish floor. Some thresholds are adjustable to allow you to create a better seal at the bottom.

Panel Door unlike flush doors has a raised or flat panel. A door can have any number of panels.

Pop in Grill is used with a glass door. In a 15 lite French door a pop grill can be popped in and used to create the 15 lite panel look.

Dead Bolt is an extra lock that is installed above the normal door knob. When you buy a door, you can the door pre-bored for the dead bolt. The dead bolt can be keyed on both sides or just one.

Split Jamb is sometimes used in interior door units. The jamb is split and grooved so it fits and interlocks with the other side.

Brick Mould is standard type of exterior moulding that is used on exterior doors. The moulding is thick enough to hide the 1 inch air space normally left behind brick.

Drip Cap is a piece of flashing usually made out of metal and attached above a door or window. This will allow water to drip from the drip cap and not run down the window or door.

Insulated Door is a door which has some form of insulating material in the core of the door. This insulation helps prevent the transfer of heat and cold through the door

Bored is the process of drilling a specific sized hole for a door knob or deadbolt.

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